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Known for impeccable reviews and personable customer service and transparency, designing and building a Genuine Custom Home is a rarefied experience indeed.

Fantastic experience with Genuine Custome Homes, LLC! My husband and I knew we had made the right decision to use them from the moment we walked into their office and toured a few of their homes. The whole process from signing our contract to moving into our home was pleasurable and they made it feel easy and fun. Thank you Michael, Karl and Dennis for truly a wonderful experience and a home that by far surpassed our dream!Read More

Over 1 yr after moving in and we couldn’t be happier with our experience w/GCH. Michael helped us select the lot, then gave us advice in the design phase. Sometimes we followed it, but also able to make our own decisions. Either way, he was always happy to help us and was very personable. Anya & Jordan, walked us through the big job of design selections so that we made selections that we loved. Karl and Dennis were dedicated to doing things right. The work was high quality and, when there was an issue, they fixed it. They were also accommodating with changes that we requested. A few issues were found after move in. Small ones were addressed quickly. Larger issues came up with the flooring the patio ceiling. We weren’t happy with attempts to repair them so they replaced them with new. Each look amazing now! We were surprised with the total bid at the end of the design phase. We knew there were cheaper builders, but felt GCH would do the job right. The end result is a house that we love.Read More

Genuine Custom Homes built our dream home. It was everything we imagined and so much more! Michael Bryant and the team at Genuine, listened and helped guide us through the entire process. My husband is very particular and there wasn't a request he had that they didn't bend over backwards to accommodate. I would highly recommend Genuine Custom Homes to anyone looking to build their dream home in the hill country!Read More

When it came time for us to build our "Forever" home we interviewed several builders but only one stuck out. From the moment we met Michael we knew that we wanted Genuine Custom Homes to build our house! We were very nervous because there is so much more that comes with building instead of just buying a new home and Michael, Karl and the Genuine Custom Home team made it seem so easy. They explained the steps and kept us informed every step of the way, from talking through the design via face time with the architect to picking out all the finishes with a designer to walking us through the closing process. Even the lenders they work with were amazing and they made their process so understandable. Now that we are moved into our new home, we know we made the right decision to go with Genuine Custom Homes and we would recommend them to anyone who is interested in building a custom home. Thanks Genuine Custom Homes!!!Read More

Thank you, Genuine Custom Homes, for making our first (and only) house building experience so smooth! When there was a problem, you fixed it. If we didn't' like it, you changed it. If YOU thought it should be changed, you offered us a CREDIT to make it happen. AMAZING customer service! How many people can call their builders friends by the end of that process? We are so thankful we found you!Read More

I spoke with a dozen builders when we started looking for someone to build our home, and usually came away with a less than excited feeling. Then we were referred to Genuine Customer Homes and we could not have been happier. Once I went to an open house and spoke with Michael and Karl I knew something was different. They had past and current customers just raving about the entire process and how wonderful an experience it was. It was refreshing after hearing so many horror stories from other people working with customer builders to find someone who would made you feel like they were apart of this as much as you were. And I have to say, we have had the exact same experience from start to finish as everyone else had talked about. They were upfront and honest about expenses and how much to expect in the end. Any change orders went smoothly without a hitch. The entire design team they work with was amazing and helped us stay within budget and gave alternatives if we what we thought we wanted went way over budget. They kept us up to date on how things were going and updated an icloud site with pictures of our house's progress. Everything was painless and easy and we didn't have to worry about a thing. Anytime we did have concerns about something it would usually get fixed before we even mentioned it to them. And if we did say something it was addressed faster than I would have thought possible. I could keep saying more, but ask Michael for a customer contact and there will be several satisfied customer willing to talk to you about their experience and can give you even more details. Thank you Michael and Karl for making it so easy to choose ya'll and never have a second thought.Read More

As a real estate professional, you want to bring the best options to the table to satisfy your clients and meet their needs. Michael and Karl with Genuine Custom Homes not only bring the best to the table, they bring the freaking table. The best builder firm I have ever worked with , hands down, every client satisfied, their attention to detail is bordering on clinical, these guys operate with such precision that every item is taken care of. If you are looking for a builder for that special home or that special client, look no further, they will make you look like a rock star every time. If you are looking to build your home, I highly recommend them, incredible work done by these two.Read More

Five stars are not enough! Before building with Genuine Custom Homes, my husband and I started with another builder with whom we were very dissatisfied. How fortunate we found Michael and Karl! The difference in the experience was like night and day. Genuine is completely transparent with their fees and there are no hidden costs. They started with our budget in mind and never swayed from that. When issues came up during construction, the only answers we got from them were "we're already on it" or "no problem, we'll make it right". There is a reason they have won best customer service on Houzz 4 years in a row! Plus, they build truly stunning homes. I cannot recommend them enough!Read More

I hired Genuine Custom Homes in the Spring of 2015 to design and build my custom home in Helotes Texas. They brought in a terrific architect to work with me and they put me in the capable hands of a great interior designer who helped coordinate all of my choices in flooring, interior/exterior materials and colors, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, etc. Because of the time spent in design, the build itself went relatively smoothly (there will always be a few hiccups in a custom build) and change orders were minimized. I moved in just before Thanksgiving 2016 and I am delighted with the house. I would not hesitate to recommend Genuine Custom Homes without reservation.Read More

UPDATED 6/13/2017. Very happy clients here - GCH completed our custom home a few weeks ago and we could not be happier. The customer "touch" (calls, text messages, emails, photos), listening (and more listening) and solid advice are abundant with this organization. Throughout the build we were "in touch". The building designer, interior decorator, cabinet maker, etc. are all some of the best out there and they show the same customer care that Genuine does. Custom home building isn't for the faint of heart, but everyone made this so easy for us. From the up-front marketing through design, price and contract we knew we were working with people who took their work seriously and who have integrity. The final result is a wonderful home and a builder and homeowner who are friends and not enemies. They even check up on us after completion! There are several very good builders in the SA area (do your homework) but we can only speak for this one. A "genuinely" great experience. What a blessing to have found these guys. ------------------------------ We are currently building our home with Genuine Custom Homes. After interviewing several well-respected builders, it was clear that GCH was going to take the time to listen, answer our questions and form a relationship based on integrity, trust and customer service. While we just now broke ground, the design and spec stages have gone very smoothly and the level of communication and responsiveness has been second to none. Michael Bryant is resourceful, knowledgable and highly responsive to customers and just a really nice guy to work with. His partner Karl, who runs the project management side displays solid experience and a calm demeanor that makes you feel like everything will be 'ok'. The materials suppliers, finance & title and design personnel they work with have been very customer focused and a pleasure to work with. Everything that we are doing is new to us and we ask many questions, but the Genuine team has earned our trust and business. We look forward to completing the project with them and enjoying our new home.Read More

They were awesome! Great team that was very easy to work with. Excellent quality throughout the construction process resulting in an exceptional home.Read More

There are many builders and they all claim to do great work. We believe you can tell a lot about a company by the people running it. So for us it came down to, not only what the builders could do, but also who we’d be on the home building journey with. That being said, we interviewed several builders and thought we had made a decision, but we kept thinking about how Michael from Genuine Custom Homes had reached out to us a couple years before. After meeting with him we knew we wanted to go with GCH. We could tell right away that he was honest and straight forward. We were never disappointed. In fact, once construction began, we were equally impressed. His partner Karl was always quick to respond to all of our questions, requests, or concerns. If you’re looking for a builder you can trust and enjoy working with, go with Genuine Custom Homes, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to rest at ease knowing that your new home will be built with quality and pride. Thanks for your kindness and thoroughness Genuine Custom Homes!Read More

We could not be happier with our new home. From the studs to the finishes, everything has been done right! We interviewed many builders before deciding to go with Genuine Custom Homes and it was the right choice! The care, helpfulness and understanding from Michael, Karl, Dennis and Anya was more than we could have ever hoped for. From last minute framing changes to additional electrical requests, they could not have been more easy to work with! If you or anyone you know is looking for a custom home builder that is fair, approachable, professional, available and all around very genuine, look no further! Thank you guys for helping us build an absolutely beautiful home that our family will fill with love for many years to come!Read More

We had a hard time deciding on a builder for our custom built Texas Tuscan home. We were seriously considering three other builders and just about ready to make a decision on one. We were asked by our realtor to add another one into the mix and speak with Genuine Custom Homes. We went on a walkthrough at a building site at the framing stage and it was there we saw the quality of the build. We declined the other three builders and chose Genuine. Completion of the build took place in mid-December 2015 and have been living here for 2 months. With Genuine you work with the owners/builders directly. Karl and Michael were just a text away whenever answers were needed. We have gotten so many compliments on our home and look forward to enjoying our house for years to come.Read More

We built our home from 5 1/2 hours away. We kept waiting for "the disasters" to happen....they never came. The few times we came across something we weren't satisfied with we wouldn't even have a chance to mention it before Karl would have brought it up and offered a solution. We are so very thankful for the day we met Michael that ultimately lead us to Genuine and all the talented folks that came with that relationship. The bonus is we ended up creating great friendships with our builder and crew.....who says that?! ;)Read More

Michael and Karl did a superb job of building our dream home. They listen to what you want and quickly and efficiently execute it all! Our family couldn't more excited about our house. From the day we started with Genuine to the day we moved in, it was always an excellent experience. I HIGHLY recommend anybody looking to build in the San Antonio/Hill Country Vicinity to consider working with Genuine Custom Homes.Read More

It's a big decision. Deciding to build a custom home is easy. Picking a builder...not so easy. I can make it much easier for you. If you are building in the San Antonio area, go ahead, go visit a lot of builders for there are a lot of 'good' builders in San Antonio. Once you have done that, go visit Michael Bryant and Karl Heinen at Genuine Custom Homes. Now, you have met the 'great' builders in San Antonio. Michael and Karl will listen with the pure intent to design and build your dream, with your vision, and in your budget. Their sincerity, honesty, and extreme professionalism blend to deliver a custom experience that is extremely well planned, logical, trustworthy, and, just as importantly, fun. So, go ahead, visit the others. Then come home to Genuine Custom Homes.Read More

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service that Genuine Customs Homes provided for my family. Being over 600 miles away, Michael and Karl with great patience listened to our ideas over Skype and the phone, helping us find land, design and build our home. The group of professionals that they work with ( Anya Hahn Interior Design, Debbie Villarreal and Lisa Cross From Starky Mortgage) truly added to a positive building experience. For a custom home built the way you want by people that make you feel like family look no further then Genuine Custom Homes.Read More

There are only two men in San Antonio that can turn a dream home vision into a reality. Karl Heinen and Michael Bryant owners of Genuine Custom Homes have decided to revolutionize how Texas builds homes, and they make the competition look like complete amateurs. Genuine Custom Homes are true custom home builders. Some builders unlike Genuine do not have an eye for specialty lots. They don't have ambition to meet your timelines and aren't trust worthy to give you the actual costs to build. The first time we met Michael, our building consultant, he immediately gave us answers to questions that other builders couldn't. He took the time to visit our unique piece of land and identified flaws in the competitor’s attempts to build on it. Michael immediately got us on the drawing board and started sketching out plans that would be most conducive to our extremely graded lot and beautiful views of the hill country. Since then, Genuine Custom homes has continued to make us feel Genuine. Our house is almost complete in 2 weeks and truly looks like a master piece with enhanced incredible views, an amazing pool, and a property that looks and feels enormous. We couldn’t be happier with the choices we have made going with Genuine Custom Homes. Thanks Michael and Karl! You guys are amazing! We can’t wait to move in! Roman and LindsayRead More

Genuine Custom Homes built us an incredible top quality home. Their attention to detail was outstanding! Michael and Karl’s many years of experience and expertise ensured a beautifully constructed home. They made our entire building experience very enjoyable...and this was our second build with them! They never flinched when we asked for changes, did what was required to ensure we were happy. What a blessing to be living in our Genuine custom home. We wholeheartedly would do it all over again with Genuine as our guide!Read More



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