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Karl and I, (Michael) have been building custom homes in the San Antonio metro area for two decades. When I think back on how it all began, I’m so thankful we realized the dream of partnering in our own custom home building firm. In late 2007 we had good reason, but with the state of the economy — the time proved not ideal to start our new venture. After joining efforts for many years at two established “custom” homebuilding firms, Karl and I discussed we shared a common vision for our future… We both cared not just about quality homebuilding, but the relationships we were creating with our Homeowners.

Finally in 2013, with a floor plan, a build site, some Divine intervention, the very first Genuine Custom Home sold before completion and our first custom client followed! Genuine Custom Homes continued to grow (as did our reviews) with no model homes and with only one other inventory home built and sold. Today we’ve built a number of custom homes for clients with strong ideas about what kind of homes they want to live in. The best part, every single homeowner can speak in high regard as to their experience building with us… That’s quite powerful and something no brochure, nor ANY fancy model home could ever relate to our new prospective Homeowners (like you).

Karl's Family

Michael's Family

Go Local

Our homes are 100% designed and built by local contractors and trade partners, which impacts the local economy. We have spent many years developing a team chosen from only the top professionals industry-wide. Design, construction, quality control, and warranty are all done right here where we keep close tabs on performance and meeting deadlines. We outsource very few materials (some lumber, marble)… but that’s about it.

Our Mantra

COMMUNICATION IS PARAMOUNT. You can expect considerably more calls, pictures, emails or texts (your preference) throughout each stage of the building process. Sometimes it’s a quick FaceTime chat or a daily call to keep you up to date or to simply address questions and prepare you for what’s next… We understand the building process can be emotionally charged at times. Keeping the lines of communication open are just one of the many differences with Genuine Custom Homes.

Personal Message from Michael

When you call THIS San Antonio Home Builder you actually speak with the owners directly. Surprised? Without sales people, inventory homes or over-the-top model homes, we are able to eliminate unnecessary overhead. This (in turn) positively effects our bottom line, which equals a GENUINE cost savings to you. We facilitate everything you see and much you don’t, and our direct line of communication ensures you're getting the immediate attention you deserve.

We have a diverse group of the industry’s top professionals working alongside us, each with very specialized talents and purposes. By selecting us to build your new custom home, you are choosing to work with a passionate family of experienced and “Genuine” custom home pros. We all have intimate product knowledge to guide you through one of the most important decisions of your life. The passion for homebuilding is the one thing we all carry in our toolbelts… Put simply, we care about your reason for building a custom home, and it shows. Ready to talk home building ideas?